Bollinger Motors is developing the world’s most capable Class 3 electric trucks. From the ground up, the dream was to build something that didn’t exist. Clean and simple, built to last. Nothing frivolous, nothing unnecessary. All electric. All aluminum. All wheel drive. And we’re building them right here in Detroit. 

Evolution sometimes takes a little reflection. A pause to look back, then forward. Taking the path of the all-electric 4×4 truck was obvious for Bollinger Motors, though a long overdue refresh in the landscape of vehicle design was in order. Our unrelenting drive to build a new standard in trucks started with a need that had been overlooked by automotive manufacturers for years. The need was to scrap everything and start from scratch. No, we didn’t have to entirely reinvent the wheel to create a new ev truck – that was a pretty sound design already. We did however, rethink every other system on trucks, how we use them and what we wished they did. For these electric-powered trucks to be unlike any other, we stripped the old systems away, made improvements on them, or simply left them alone because they worked great already. 

By designing an electric 4-wheel-drive suv and pickup from the ground up, we’ve created a new platform of electric trucks capable of exceptional off-road performance, combined with never-before-seen utility features. Our all-electric, dual-motor drivetrain creates best-in-class horsepower and torque, all-wheel drive, 50/50 weight distribution, unbeatable traction, and best-in-class ground clearance.

The result is the perfect truck for the toughest work and play on earth.




Commercial vehicles produce 450 billion tons of CO2 per year, and studies show that these emissions will rise 30% by 2030.
We are engineering all-electric platforms to change that. 

Our platform is tailored to fit existing truck bodies and speed adoption. Our mission is to build locally, and make a positive impact globally. We are taking our expertise in heavy duty trucks and applying it to a much larger picture.

We are making truly evolved electric vehicle solutions at the highest quality possible.


From the idea for a new electric truck, to our first prototype build, to setting down roots here in Detroit — it has been a wild and exciting adventure. 

Follow along as we write each next exciting chapter in the Bollinger Motors story. 


The Bollinger Motors team is the foundation our trucks are built on. Without the solid, die-hard dedication of each and every one of us, these machines would not exist. 

We work hard and long hours, driven to define a new standard in everything we do — be it building trucks, building relationships, selling trucks or solving problems. 

We are obsessed with trucks. They are an extension of who we are and what we do every day.

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