Bollinger Motors traces its roots back to the serene Catskill Mountains of New York, where it was established in 2015. In 2017, founder Robert Bollinger and his team unveiled the Bollinger B1 SUV electric truck prototype, garnering widespread acclaim for its groundbreaking angular and rugged design. As the company expanded, they swiftly relocated to the automotive epicenter of Detroit, Michigan, to enhance their engineering capabilities and prepare for production.

Confronting the entrenched norms of traditional truck design, the team persevered, driven by a shared conviction that change was long overdue. From the modest confines of a renovated garage in Hobart, New York, to the bustling corridors of their Oak Park headquarters in Michigan, Bollinger Motors remained unwavering in its mission to revolutionize the industry.
Gen 3 B1 Test Mule -Roll Cage Body off

Recognizing an opportunity to have a more profound impact on the automotive industry, Bollinger Motors pivoted its focus towards building all-electric commercial trucks. Embracing this new direction, the company is at the forefront of pioneering the development of class 4 and 5 platform prototypes, setting new benchmarks for performance and sustainability.

Today, headquartered in Oak Park, Michigan, Bollinger Motors stands as a beacon of innovation and perseverance, dedicated to delivering the highest quality commercial electric trucks to address the evolving needs of the trucking industry. The Bollinger B4 is scheduled to commence production in Q3 of 2024.

Robert cleans Bollinger Electric Skateboard

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Robert Bollinger’s journey began with a childhood passion for cars, fueling dreams of his own automotive brand. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in Industrial Design, he dove into the world of advertising in New York City. But, he couldn’t shake his entrepreneurial spirit. Robert helped successfully grow and sell an organic cosmetic company that provided the financial backing for his lifelong dream and culminating in the founding of Bollinger Motors in upstate New York in 2015. After unveiling the groundbreaking Bollinger B1, one of the first all-electric SUVs, Robert navigated challenges, refining the brand and pushing the boundaries of electric truck design. Today, under Robert’s leadership, Bollinger Motors leading the charge in the electrification of commercial vehicles, driven by his unwavering commitment to a sustainable future.