> Working at bollinger motors?

At Bollinger Motors, we’re always on the move, passionate about what we do. Whether in the office or out in the community, our team is dedicated to making a positive impact. From assisting fleets in transitioning to electric vehicles to volunteering at local organizations like Forgotten Harvest and the Greening of Detroit, our team members are deeply engaged in their work and their community. We value diversity in all its forms – cultures, races, lifestyles, and ideas – and yes, we also love dogs. Working alongside a dynamic team to develop an exceptional line of electric trucks is truly the best of both worlds. Bollinger Motors is growing fast and recently surpassed 100 employees.


Robert Bollinger began his journey as a farmer before founding Bollinger Motors. Our deep-rooted passion for agriculture and the food community has undeniably influenced the design of our trucks over the years. As a team, we frequently volunteer with food hubs and farms in Michigan, recognizing the impact of community engagement on both local and global scales. We prioritize education, understanding that the prosperity of our children benefits the entire community. Every opportunity, no matter how small, to make a positive difference in the world is something we cherish and are grateful for.

> Made in Michigan

We are proud to be based in the Detroit area, situated at the heart of the automotive industry. Our team consists of world-class engineers and tier 1 suppliers dedicated to providing the finest commercial platforms available. By keeping design, engineering, and assembly operations here in the U.S.A., we expect to significantly reduce our overall operating costs while maintaining quality. We pass these benefits along to our customers, aiming to have a positive impact both economically and environmentally. Our goal is to minimize our carbon footprint by sourcing as many components and materials locally as possible and assembling our trucks right here in the Midwest.