> Gas and commercial transportation by the numbers

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Urban last-mile delivery emissions are on track to increase by over 30% by 2030 in the top 100 cities globally.


Burning 1 gallon of gasoline releases 20 pounds of co2 into our atmosphere.

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A study by Duke University shows that each gallon of gasoline carries with it up to $3.80 in health and environmental costs.

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Duke University also concluded that one gallon of diesel carries an additional $4.80 in health and environmental costs.

> time to change that

At Bollinger Motors, we originally set out to design the electric heavy-duty truck we wanted to drive. Along the way we have created a new segment of truly evolved electric commercial vehicle truck platforms that will propel commercial transportation. Our all-electric platforms are tailored to fit existing commercial truck bodies, which will help speed fleet adoption in a sector that has a significant impact on emissions and our environment. We are working with environmental organizations, suppliers, and engineering firms to create advanced solutions that will facilitate this necessary industry change. EVs are a fundamental part of our DNA at Bollinger Motors. We knew from Day 1 that the future is electric, and we are fully dedicated to helping the world make that future become reality.