Frequently asked questions

> What happened to the B1 and B2?

We paused the development of the B1 and B2 and shifted our focus to commercial trucks and fleets. This was a vitally important move for us, because it enabled us to continue the development of our technology, and to make a real impact in the green future of automotive. Now, with the recent investment from Mullen Automotive, we are going to return to engineering development of the B1 and B2 in the near future, shortly after we get our commercial vehicles in the hands of our fleet customers.

> I made a deposit on a truck. When will I receive that?

We sent an email to all deposit holders with instructions to confirm their mailing address. We’ll be sending back deposits as quickly as possible. They will arrive via Venmo or paper check in the mail. If you had a reservation and didn’t receive an email, please contact:


> How do I contact someone concerning commercial sales?

Please email 


> Can I use a Bollinger electric platform to convert my truck/bus/camper/van?

No, we are currently working with nationwide fleets to provide platforms for commercial fleet use only.


> Where can I find vendor documents and forms?

You can access our VENDOR portal here.


> Are you hiring?

Yes, please visit our CAREERS  page for available positions.


> Who do I contact for PR?

For all press inquiries, please email Valentine Oldham at


> Who do I contact if I am interested in investing in Bollinger Motors?

For all investment inquiries, please email Siva Kumar at


> Who can I email with other questions?

Please email us at