How do I buy a Bollinger Motors All-Electric truck? 
You can reserve any of our trucks by placing a fully refundable $1,000 deposit here. 

What will be the price for a Bollinger truck be? 
The MSRP for a Bollinger Motors B1 or B2 is $125,000. The MSRP for a Bollinger Motors B2 Chassis Cab is $110,000.  

When will you start production? 
Production will start in late 2022.  

Where will these trucks be manufactured? 
We will be working with a strategic partner with many years of experience in manufacturing. More details as they unfold.  

Will your trucks be available outside the US? 
We are prioritizing the US and Canada markets for our first production run, but we are planning for export markets in future production runs. 



Will the B1 and B2 be available in two-door? 
We do eventually plan to produce the two-door version, but demand for the four-door models have been so high that we decided to launch with those models. Our hope is to have the two-door variant available in the future, timed to take advantage of newer battery technology to get more range out of the smaller battery pack that the two-door necessitates. 

What will be the range? 
Bollinger trucks will have a minimum 200 mile EPA range. As with all EVs, stop and go city driving will provide a higher than 200 mile range. Highway driving will produce less. 

Will there be a RHD version? 
Yes, we plan to offer a right-hand-drive version for both the B1 and B2 in the future.  

How long will it take to charge? 
Charging times will vary depending on conditions. Approximate Level 2 charge time for a 120kWh pack is 8-10 hours, while Level 3 can be as quick as 75 minutes. 

What will be the DC Fast Charger power limit? 
Our trucks will be able to charge up to 100 kW. And we are working with our supplier to hopefully make that 150 kW by production. 

Can I lock the diffs? 
Yes, you can lock the front and rear diffs independently. 

Can I disconnect the sway bars? 
Yes, you can manually disconnect the front and rear bars independently.  

What is the projected payload? 
5000 lbs. 

What is the projected towing capacity? 
7500 lbs. 

Will there be solar panels on the roof? 
No, solar technology is not efficient enough yet to incorporate it into the vehicle. The cost and complexity far outweigh the trickle amount of electricity you get in return. 

How many motors do the trucks have? 
The trucks have 2 motors, mounted to each axle. They provide all-wheel-drive at all times and are electronically connected to provide full traction control. 

How many gearboxes do the trucks have? 
There are a total of 6 gearboxes in each truck. One transaxle gearbox mounted to each axle, and one portal gearhub gearbox mounted to each wheel. 

Will the B1 or B2 be offered as a kit? 
No, we are only planning to manufacture fully finished trucks. 

Will I be able to connect a plow? 
Yes, the B1 and B2 will accept plow attachments from traditional trucks. 

How many 110V outlets will there be? 
We plan to offer 8 outlets on the trucks. All capable of powering laptops to power tools.  

What’s the ground clearance? 
The trucks have 15” of ground clearance. 

Does the truck have adjustable suspension? 
Yes, the trucks have 10″ of wheel travel, enabling you to raise and lower the truck 5″ to either 10” or 20”. The truck will also self-level when carrying heavy payloads.  

Will the B1 and B2 be flat towable? 
Yes, both will be flat towable. 

Will the trucks have airbags? 
No. We meet Class 3 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards through use of seat belts. In addition, we are using simulation software to engineer our trucks to our own Due Care standards that far exceed Class 3 requirements.  

Will there be a 5-passenger seating option? 
Our patented passthrough prevents center seat options. We are currently not planning on offering any other seating configurations than 4passenger.   



How will service be handled? 
We will be working with a network of dealer partners across the country to facilitate sales and service. 

Where will the dealers be? 
We are working with independent dealers in major cities throughout the US. Our goal is to have a dealer near every customer in every area of the US. 

How can I be a dealer? 
Please email our Sales Director Chet Parsons, chet@bollingermotors.com 

Who can I contact about fleet and commercial purchases? 
Please fill out this form, and we will get back to you.


Where can I find vendor documents and forms? 
You can access our vendor portal here. 

Are you hiring? 
Yes, please visit our CAREERS page for available positions. 

Who do I contact for PR? 
For all press inquiries, please email Valentine Oldham at valentine@valentinepr.com 

Who do I contact if I am interested in investing in Bollinger Motors? 
For all investment inquiries, please email Matt Tinnon at mtinnon@bollingermotors.com 

Where can I email with other questions? 
Please email us at info@bollingermotors.com 

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