Can I reserve a B1 or B2 now?
Yes, you can reserve a B1 or B2 here.

If you’re already on our Reservation list, you’ll be able to choose either the B1 or B2 at a later date. If you want to reserve a second truck, you can do so with a different email address and we’ll keep both reservations in the order they were received.

Can I sign up for a newsletter only?
Yes, you can sign up to our newsletter here.

Will the B1 and B2 be available in 2 and 4 door?
We are making the 4 door versions only at first.

What is the range?
We are planning on 200 mile minimum EPA range.

What is the price?
The SRP will be announced soon.

When can I make a firm order with deposit?
We will take deposits in 2019 after our SRP is announced.

When will you start production?
Production will start in 2020.

Can I get a bench seat in the back to seat 5?
We are currently not planning on offering that.

Will there be a warranty?
Yes, the details of which will come later.

Who will do the service?
We’re looking for a third-party service provider with coverage nationwide.

How long does it take to charge?
The following are approximates: Level 2: 10 hours, Level 3: 75 minutes. A 120 kWh pack is very large so you would not necessarily deplete fully or need to recharge fully, so your real-world times will be less.

Can I buy the trucks outside the US?
Our first production run will be for the US, with export production to follow. More details soon.

Will there be a RHD version?
Yes, we will first make LHD trucks for the US market, followed by RHD for export. No firm timeline yet though.

What is the projected payload?
5000 lbs.

Can you tow with it?
Yes. You’ll be able to tow 7500 lbs.

Will there be solar panels on the roof?
No, solar technology is not efficient enough yet to incorporate it into the vehicle. The cost and complexity far outweighs the trickle amount of electricity you get in return.

Is there a winch?
Yes, we will offer a winch as an option.

Will the B1 or B2 be offered as a kit?
No, we are only planning on making fully finished trucks. High voltage electricity prevents us from offering a kit version.

Can I plow with it?
Yes, both the B1 and B2 will be able to handle any plow you’d normally put on a pickup truck.

Will the B1 and B2 be flat towable?
Yes, both will be flat towable.

Will the trucks have airbags?
No, air bags will not be in the final produced trucks. We are engineering the B1 and B2 to safety standards that exceed federal regulation using seat belts.

What countries can the trucks be sold in?
We are engineering both the B1 and B2 to be compliant with regulations in US, Canada, EU, ECE, Australia and New Zealand.

Can I email someone for more info?
Yes, please write to

Are you hiring?
Yes, please check out our job listings on LinkedIn

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