We started in 2015 with a dream to make the best trucks on the planet. The off-road capable, all-wheel-drive B1 and B2 are powerful, innovative, and distinct. We've put countless hours of hard work and passion into making something we are all very proud of.

However, we're currently postponing their development and shifting our focus to commercial trucks and fleets.

This is a vitally important move for us, 'cause it enables us to continue our development of our technology, and make a real impact in the green future of automotive.

I am so grateful for all the support and dedication from everyone who follows us on social media, has signed up for our newsletter, and has reserved a truck. You've watched us in the Catskills and Detroit as we engineered and built the trucks from the ground up -- and tested them across America.

We're taking that knowledge and experience as we move into commercial development, making innovative trucks for Classes 3 through 6.

Thank you for following us. Thank you for reserving a truck, for rooting for us; it means everything to me. Thank you so much for your support over the years. There's so much more to come.

-Robert Bollinger

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