Welcome to the Bollinger Motors Reservation Program (“Reservation Program”). Before you place a Bollinger B1 Reservation, Bollinger B2 Reservation, or Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab Reservation (“Reservation”) and as an express condition of your Reservation, you must carefully review and accept the Terms and Conditions below. By participating in the Reservation Program, you expressly agree to these Terms and Conditions. Under the Reservation Program, a Bollinger Motors vehicle is available for Reservation to customers that complete the Reservation Process (as outlined below).


Bollinger Motors, LLC, is excited to offer you an opportunity to reserve a Bollinger B1, Bollinger B2, or Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab vehicle to be purchased at a future date from an authorized, participating dealer (“Dealer”). By completing the Reservation Process, you will be reserving a Bollinger B1, Bollinger B2, or Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab vehicle (“Vehicle”). You will be required to configure your vehicle and choose options at a later date subject to availability and production restrictions at that time. While this Reservation Program offers you the opportunity to reserve a Bollinger B1, Bollinger B2, or Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab vehicle, you will need to finalize a price through your Dealer, as described in the terms below.

The Reservation Program is NOT a vehicle purchase. At a later date, you will still be required to contact an authorized Dealer to discuss final transaction pricing, arrange any necessary financing, and complete your purchase through the Dealer. Your Reservation secures your approximate priority for taking delivery of your Vehicle. Participation in the Reservation Program does not guarantee you Vehicle delivery.


In order to complete the Reservation Process, you will be required to (a) create and register an account on the Bollinger Motors Website ( (b) submit certain information to Bollinger Motors, and (c) pay a refundable Reservation payment of $1,000.00 (“Deposit”) via credit card to Bollinger Motors, LLC.

Bollinger Motors will hold Deposits in a separate bank account and will not pay interest on Deposits. Any interest earned on the account will be the sole property of Bollinger Motors.

Under the Reservation Program, after you have successfully completed your Reservation, you have reserved the right to either purchase, finance, or lease the Vehicle from an authorized Dealer at a future date. If you execute your right to purchase, finance, or lease the Vehicle, the Reservation Fee will be credited back to the credit card on file prior to the Vehicle arriving at the Dealer. Customers will be notified via email at the time the credit is initiated. It may take several days for the credit to be reflected in the customer’s credit card account. 

Leasing or financing options are subject to credit approval. Participation in the Reservation Program will not affect your chances of credit approval.

The Reservation Program does NOT require you to complete a Vehicle purchase, finance, or lease. If you change your mind before you have entered into a contract with your Dealer, you may cancel your Reservation by following the process outlined below under the “REFUNDS” section.

This Reservation Program is designed to allow you to reserve the Vehicle, as further described below in the “VEHICLE” section. Once you configure your Vehicle, your Reservation is tied to a specific order at the Dealer. In the event you are unable to complete a purchase through the Dealer, please contact Bollinger Motors via email (  or by phone at 313-486-0500. Customers who are unable to complete their purchase for any reason will be given a full refund of the Reservation Fee (see “REFUNDS” section below).


At the time you make the Reservation, you will be asked to select the model of the Vehicle. Configuration of the Vehicle options will take place at a later date prior to Production.   However, in some circumstances, when configuration options are not available at the time of Production, you will be asked to reconfigure the Vehicle. Options visible to you at the time of configuration may not be available at the time of production. Model year, paint color and other options are not guaranteed, and are subject to production or sales restrictions. All configurations must be confirmed by you prior to the Vehicle entering production. 

Vehicles are intended for sale and use only in the United States market at time of purchase unless otherwise acknowledged and confirmed by Bollinger Motors, LLC. Transporting or exporting the Vehicle outside of the intended market is at the sole discretion of the individual and not explicitly or implicitly supported by Bollinger Motors, LLC.

Purchasing a vehicle through the Reservation Program does not alter the new vehicle limited warranties applicable to the Vehicle.


The Reservation Program is available only to individuals who are 18 years of age or older. 

The Reservation Program is available to businesses or corporate entities, provided that you can validate your ownership of, or employment by, the relevant business or corporate entity upon Bollinger Motor’s request.

Vehicles must be purchased from and delivered through an authorized, participating Dealer.

If Bollinger Motors determines in its sole discretion that a Reservation has been placed by a non-eligible person or entity, then Bollinger Motors reserves the right to cancel the Reservation and refund the Reservation Fee. The Reservation will then be made available to the next individual who has completed the Reservation Process and who has a similarly configured vehicle.


Requests for refunds can be initiated by logging into the registered customer account at and completing the refund request from the customer account dashboard. If you request a refund, your Reservation will be cancelled, and the Deposit will be credited back to the credit card on file within 14 business days. Please note that all cancellations are final and you will lose your place in line once a refund request has been made. If you have any questions about refunds, please email or call us at 313-486-0500. A request for refund and cancellation can not be made at a dealership. The liability of Bollinger Motors to you relating to your participation in the Reservation Program is limited to the refund of your Deposit.


A Reservation may be transferred within a household, provided that you can provide adequate proof, as determined by Bollinger Motors in its sole discretion, that the Reservation holder and the transferee are part of the same household. You may not sell your Reservation to any third-party.


The information collected on the Reservation website during your Reservation Process will be shared with Bollinger Motors and the Dealer(s) you select in order for us to confirm and process your Reservation. Although you may be on a Bollinger Motors website, you will provide your payment and personal information for the Reservation Fee directly to JP Morgan Chase Bank. The information provided by you to JP Morgan Chase Bank is governed by their policies. Bollinger Motors never receives or holds your payment information. Bollinger Motors is not responsible for any information you submit to JP Morgan Chase Bank.


Bollinger Motors reserves the right to cancel or change the Reservation Program, or cancel your specific Reservation at its sole discretion at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to operational need, production limits, technical deficiency, or any other reason that renders the Program inoperable, such as, infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, or technical failure. Any cancellations will result in a full refund to the Customer as outlined above.


Thank you for your interest in reserving a Bollinger B1, Bollinger B2, or Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab. If you have additional questions regarding the Reservation Program, please contact us at 313-486-0500.