Bollinger trucks are the only Class 3 electric trucks on the planet. From the ground up, the dream was to build something that didn’t exist. We’ve taken our time and not over-promised anything. We’re engineers making electric 4×4 trucks – clean and simple, built to last. Nothing frivolous, nothing unnecessary. All electric. All aluminum. All wheel drive. And we’re building them right here in Detroit. 
Our mission is to build trucks locally, and make a positive impact globally. We’re not striving for pie in the sky here. We are making a truly evolved electric truck at the highest quality possible. We are living proof that showing up every day, working hard, and keeping to standards that do not waver to outside influences bring excellence to whatever the focus is. In our case, it’s trucks. It’s infectious. We are a growing team of solution-driven, problem solvers. We know how to duck and weave. Plainly put, we’re obsessed with it and wouldn’t have it any other way.
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