From the ground up, the dream was to build something that didn’t exist. We’ve taken our time and not over-promised anything. We’re engineers making an electric 4×4 truck – clean and simple, built to last. Nothing frivolous, nothing unnecessary. All electric. All aluminum. All wheel drive. And we’re building them right here in Detroit. 
Our mission is to continue to embrace what we already are, real people making a positive impact in a real world. We’re not striving for pie in the sky here. We are making a truly evolved electric truck at the highest quality possible. We are living proof that showing up every day, working hard, and keeping to standards that do not waver to outside influences bring excellence to whatever the focus is. In our case, it’s trucks. It’s infectious. We are a growing team of solution-driven, problem solvers. We know how to duck and weave. Plainly put, we’re obsessed with it and wouldn’t have it any other way.



A compilation of Bollinger Motors video moments from company inception to the final electric truck prototype builds, screened at the 2019 B1 and B2 reveal in Ferndale, Michigan.

JULY 2019

Drivetrain Engineer CJ Winegar walks us through the new gearbox assemblies for the B1 Electric Sport Utility Truck and B2 Electric Pickup Truck.

JULY 2019

Bollinger Motors utilizes a steel body fixture to assemble all the sub frame sections and body panels into precise position, then weld and rivet them in place.

JULY 2019

Timeless design. The team gives insight on the new Bollinger electric trucks.

JUNE 2019

The Bollinger Motors team describes their experience designing and building the first fully electric sports utility truck and pickup truck.

APRIL 2019

Robert walks us through the functionality of the updated headlight grill design for the new B1 and B2 4-door electric trucks.

MARCH 2019

Interior lighting study emulating the B1’s full length pass through.


Bollinger Motors designs and builds the first fully electric sport utility truck and pickup truck.


The team unpacks and settles in at the new Bollinger Motors headquarters, Ferndale, MI


Sourcing repurposed wood from @woodwardthrowbacks for some of our interior details. Thanks for the tour and inspiration Bo and Kyle! #recycle #repurpose #heritage #detroit #history Visit them here: www.woodwardthrowbacks.com


The Bollinger Motors team making subtle design adjusts to the boxy electric truck based on air flow studies.

JUNE 2018

Designer Hunter Erdman walks us through the usefulness of a life-size seating buck modeled after the updated 4-door B1 CAD.

JUNE 2018

The Bollinger Motors team visits TRC in East Liberty Ohio for some on and off road durability testing. With specialized measuring instrumentation, they record movement in the chassis and components, observe how loads stress different points of the vehicle and use what they learn to shape the final production design of the B1.

MAY 2018

Robert Bollinger, founder of Bollinger Motors discusses testing the B1 prototype and the usefulness of having more than one.

APRIL 2018

The Bollinger Motors team preps the B1 electric truck for kinematics & compliance testing.

APRIL 2018

Bollinger Motors Engineers Dan & John give a brief routing overview of the B1’s HVAC system.

APRIL 2018

Chief Engineer Karl Hacken discusses the B1’s ride height adjustable suspension features.

MARCH 2018

Chief Engineer Karl Hacken takes us through the functionality and basics of the B1’s adjustable suspension.


Another day at the office.


On the trip out to the LA Auto show, the Bollinger team made a homage stop for some sacred trail crawling in Moab, Utah. Quite possibly the first electric truck in Moab.


After the New York reveal and some local test runs, the Bollinger team took the B1 and headed west to hit some real mountain trails. Ouray, Colorado. Engineer’s Pass.


The Bollinger team’s first time really slamming the pedals on the B1 prototype. A day at the New York Safety track.


Exploded view animation of the first Bollinger B1 electric truck prototype.

JULY 2017

First views of the Bollinger B1 electric truck driving and being demonstrated. The front to rear pass-through. The removable glass panels. The mobile power station. The massive frunk storage space. Yes, that’s how it’s spelled.

JUNE 2017

See the first Bollinger B1 electric truck prototype designed and built in their small upstate New York shop. The Bollinger Motors team tells the story.


Robert Bollinger CEO of Bollinger Motors and his team of engineers discuss the inception of the world’s first fully electric sport utility truck.

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