The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that the U.S. transportation industry accounts for the most significant portion of total U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (28 %). The medium-and heavy-duty truck sector causes 23 percent of those emissions.

This needs to change.

Electrification of commercial fleets is an obvious step to decreasing emissions. In fact, fleet electrification is inevitable. According to FleetCarma, replacing 13 vehicles can decrease your fleet’s emissions by up to 67%.

Costs are often the first consideration when thinking about making a change at this scale. The good news is, companies can save money *and* the planet by electrifying their fleets.

We calculated the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings that can be had by replacing even one Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle in a fleet.

Based on our calculations, fleets can save nearly $50,000 per vehicle over 10 years with all-electric vehicles. This factors in purchase price, battery replacement, fuel/electricity costs, maintenance, and insurance.

Furthermore, based on current gasoline and diesel costs and electricity prices, we project fleets can save as much as $6,500 per vehicle each year if they choose electric vehicles over Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

The Bollinger Motors Chass-E can help companies make the necessary steps toward fleet electrification. The Chass-E was designed with versatility in mind, and it can be configured for a variety of uses including front- or rear-wheel drive configurations, with or without portal gear hubs, variable wheelbases, and up to 180 kWh battery pack for longer range requirements.

The features and flexibility of the Chass-E offer endless possibilities — delivery vans, bucket trucks, ambulances, rescue trucks, shuttle buses, reconnaissance vehicles, and anything else you can dream up.

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