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Our team spends days, sometimes weeks up in Brimley, Michigan, at Continental Proving Grounds pounding on trucks in the snow, tearing them apart, doing it again. This harsh cold winter testing is just one of the critical steps to getting our vehicles ready for production.⁣

We are constantly driving the B1 and B2, racking up miles, continuing the endless optimization of every system, part, and function.⁣

The Continental Proving Grounds also gives us a chance to get a feel for how the trucks perform in a variety of road and weather conditions–from iced over roads, cold and snowy, half-icy, half-snow, etc. You name it, they’ve recreated it in a controlled environment for us to test and study on.⁣

After completion of each test, the team looks over every component related to the system being tested. They inspect for uneven wear, excessive heat, stress, damage and a number of other indicators to ensure that everything is holding to its intended purpose. Isolating any fault, correcting and resetting to try and recreate the event until it’s gone helps us eliminate any potential failure for future production trucks.⁣

As Bollinger Motors’s truck technologies evolve, the tests we put them through also evolve. Testing like this is an ongoing process, integral to what makes our trucks unlike anything else available.⁣